a bouquet of ginger flowers at the Ginger Factory, Yandina

Ginger Spectacular

photo of a single, pink camelia flower


distinctive purple flowers of the Coleus canina or Dogbane plant

Coleus canina blossoms

close-up of red hippieastra lilies

Day Lilies

photo of a white paper daisy and buds

Paper Daisies

photo of raindrops on Red Leaves

After Rain

a cluster of nectarine blossoms pointing towards the sky

Nectarine Blossoms

photo of a fern frond unfurling

New Life

photo of a banksia flower in it's early stages of development

Young Banksia

macro photo of a single peach blossom

Peach Blossom

photo of a cluster of tiny pale pink flowers

Pink Rain

photo of pink tulips with deep maroon centres


macro photo of a purple flower cluster

Nature's Velvet

an orchid cluster of yellow orchids with purple throats

Purple Throated Dendrobium Orchid

photo of the popular succulent plant known as Red Jellybeans

Red Jellybeans - Sedum rubrotinctum

profile photo of a purple daisy in the genus Osteopermum

Daisy In Profile

photo of fluffy white flowers stems

Fairy Dusters

photo of a white daisy, in the genus Osteopermum

Just A Daisy

photo of a deep pink Rose

by any other name...

macro photo of the crown-like heart of a purple daisy

Daisy Royale

photo of a live rose and a dead one on a thorny stem

A Rose Among Thorns

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