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M. Runge

Hi, I'm Megan, and I'm a photographer...

I take the beauty I see around me, and capture it in a frame. My passion is sharing that beauty with the world. I enjoy being able to catch a single poignant moment and keep it; treasure it.

With photography, there are no boundaries; that’s what I love about it...

Photography is freedom

Runge Studios gives me the freedom to develop in all areas of photography:
Event Photography such as Weddings, Formals, Graduations, Baby & Maternity..
Nature Photography which includes Macro work, Wildlife shots,
Landscapes and nature's amazing Plant Art.
Portrait Photography, with individuals, couples, families & small groups.
Themed Photography such as Vintage, Fantasy and Intimate glamour photoshoots.
As well as Panorama and Food Photography.

Have a look around. See if there's anything here that adds beauty to your world...

Photography - how I got here

When studying photography at university, I discovered that it's not as glamorous or as easy as it seems. There are a lot of secrets, not to mention hard work, behind those amazing photos.

Some of the secrets behind food photography are wasteful, so I have recently been creating an "au natural" style food photography collection. I focus on the food as it really is - nothing added (like glycerine or engine oil!); nothing removed; and no mass production (to find that perfect specimen for a photo).

This project hasn't been easy, but I believe it has been worthwhile. I haven't photographed any fresh plant foods yet, so I know there is more to learn.

I think my greatest passion is landscape and nature photography, but really I'd like to try any possibility. I'm willing to photograph just about anything except spiders!

The works of photographers like Ken Duncan, Steve Parish and Mark Gray have inspired me for many years. From childhood, I have distinct memories of looking at Ken Duncan prints and thinking "I wish I could do that!" Now I'm working on it, so it feels like I'm living my dream.

I've always loved photography, but until my late teens, photography was point-and-shoot for me. I didn't see the need for anything more. A university lecturer named Clive Hutchison is so passionate about photography, and helping others to learn, that he lead me to discover the potential, the possibilities, that a more sophisticated camera creates. Now I'm hooked... for life.

Most of my current work is with a high quality, digital, SLR camera, and a range of lenses - each suited to a particular aspect of my photography. For post-production work, I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

I do very little editing of images as I like to keep my work as honest as possible. I prefer to showcase natural beauty, rather than the manipulated or heavily enhanced "beauty" that has become the norm these days.

Thank you for visiting my website.

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